One and a half billion Muslims use millions of liters of water everyday to perform the Wudu. The AWW© is the first automatic pre-prayer personal washing system designed to significantly minimize water usage and provide Muslims a unique ablution system that will allow them to perform the Wudu (ablution) in a standing position more thoroughly, in a shorter period of time and in full conformance to the teachings of the Holy Qur’an. The AWW© creates a context, unlike conventional methods, that ensures the Wudu. is performed respectfully, hygienically and without water wastage or spillage.

Through extensive research and testing, with a team of engineers & designers both locally and internationally, the science of AWW© has been crafted and exacted to ensure both its durability and reliability in engineering and its full compliance with religious requirements for performing Wudu. ablution.

We have used the best components and materials that are available today in the manufacture of the AWW© and it is built to last more than 15 years.

The AWW© has been certified by various Islamic authorities to conform to all religious requirements of Islam and will be distributed and made available globally via AACE's authorized international network of agents.

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