The AWW© is a fully automated product, incorporating functional systems built onto a rigid structural construct. It is engineered to deliver the required system output at optimal use of natural resources, while ergonomically catering to the comfort and convenience of the user.

All the functional systems are integrated and centrally controlled by a programmable controller. The control sequence is customizable, allowing for adjustment and re-programming to suit local needs as and where required.

The AWW© also has an inbuilt nano technology feature that prevents and eliminates contact fungal and bacterial skin infections.



AACE has developed two versions of the AWW© to accommodate the needs of individuals and groups in public places. The AWW© model STD 708 is specifically designed for use in mosques, airports, malls, offices and communal prayer rooms while AWW© model PRM 707 is targeted for private and family use.

Both versions of the AWW© facilitate the washing of the hands, nose, mouth, face, arms and feet as prescribed in the Holy Qur’an by firstly washing the hands from the wrists to the fingers and then by allowing the individual user to collect water in the palms for rinsing of the nose and mouth. This is followed by the washing of the face and subsequent procedures in performing of the Masa’h. An upper and lower purpose built washer has been designed for personal convenience.

The upper washer in the AWW© facilitates the washing and rubbing of the arms and elbows while the lower washer allows for the washing and rubbing of the feet and ankles. All these ablutions can be performed in the AWW© reverently and comfortably without spillage or undue wastage of water as the water flow is controlled and dispensed electronically by sensor activated taps.



The engineering components in the AWW© are manufactured to meet industrial standards for longevity, robustness as well as minimal maintenance. It is fully tested and comes by default in settings that meet ablution requirements as prescribed by the Holy Qur’an.


An integrated framework reinforced with supporting ribs.

This product is ready to install as a stand-alone unit or as a wall-mounted unit.

The front panel featuring artistic pattern is illuminated by embedded LEDs and incandescent lamps during system operation.

Other sources of illumination are located at specific taps over washable areas.

An audio speaker is situated at the side, this provides recitation of the Doa during the ablution procedure.

Both of these systems are centrally controlled, set by default but re-programmable at the controller unit as desired.

Water management

The taps are custom-designed to aesthetic perfection and engineered for efficiency with the use of proximity sensors along with suitably located LEDs for localized illumination.

Water dispensation is intelligently controlled in terms of flow rate, volume and topical coverage, thereby ensuring optimal use of water in the course of the ablution cycle.

Incoming sources via reticulated tap system will only require regular cleaning of filters for maintenance.

Used Water

Used water is channeled to receptive conduits and eventually exits the AWW© via external drainage fitted on site.

The wash basins and contact surfaces that form the interface with the user, are ergonomically profiled to capture used water; thus ensuring the peripherals are always kept dry.

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