Unit dimension:    

'Stand Alone' - Model 707 (for use in homes and offices)

Height 1900 mm; Width 1100 mm; Depth 700 mm
'Wall mounted' - Model 708 (for use in Mosques, Malls, Hotels and Airports) Height 1500 mm; Width 860 mm; Depth 700 mm
Operating voltage & frequency:   24 volts DC operation
Variable voltages, 110, 120, 220, 240 & 250 at 50Hz and 60Hz with auto detection
Worldwide adaptability, with multiple electrical configured plug available with leads that are suitable for all power outlets and voltages
Water storage capacity:   Cold water connected to main water supply
Energy rating:   Maximum power consumptions 4 amps
Aesthetics:   Long lasting LED lighting enhances the units aesthetic values
Product description:  

The AWW© uses 1.3 litres of water per wudu and allows a person to perform the Wudu in a standing postion more thoroughly and in shorter period. Moreover, the AWW© features an automated recital of the `doa' (prayer) before and after each Wudu along with blow drying at the end of each Wudu phase.

Aesthetically the AWW© is equipped with state of the art LED automatic down lighting in the facia, basins and with icon indicator lighting on the basin taps. The user is not required to touch the taps as the taps are activated by water proof diffuser sensors along with audio prompts that are controlled by a central PLC system to dispense water automatically to the taps for each Wudu washing sequence, as stipulated in the Holy Qur’an. The used water is then discharged from the rear end of the unit through one pipe outlet. The AWW© uses water from a municipal main and operates on a 24 volt DC system.

There is no water spillage and wastage after each Wudu. All wash surfaces of the AWW© are coated with nano silver to prevent contact fungal and bacterial infection. The AWW© 707 model is made of a compound based on Polycarbonate resin containing Long Glass and the AWW© 708 model is made of Stainless steel.

The AWW© is manufactured in Malaysia and is patent pending.

Average number of persons per hour: per AWW © unit:   Average time per person to complete one ablution is under 3 minutes
Water uage:   Quantity of water to perform one ablution: 1-1.5 litres
Maintenance & services:   Service free
Low maintenance and easy installation
Material specification:   ABS nonorganic compound and aluminium construction
Warranty period for all electronic components:   24 months
Warranty covers manufacturing defects
After sales service:   Provided by authorized dealers

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